cropped-website-header.jpgYou are what you eat…and what you don’t.

As the name implies, we’re a small farm that trains people to grow their own food according to the scale that suits their needs. Be it a backyard garden, a market sized garden or mini-farming on just a few acres, we teach what works for you.

Because our farm is located in sub-tropical Southern Mississippi, we specialize in skills that address hot weather challenges and the Deep South’s amazingly long growing season. Weed weary warriors take heart, we teach weed control without poisoning the earth.

Just as a child naturally learns to talk by talking, farming is best learned by farming.  The future of the local foods movement is in the hands of growers who are “profoundly local” and quick to identify the barriers to food independence, be they political, economic, cultural or spiritual.

This we know: Most Americans are junk food addicted, junk food malnourished and bamboozled into believing that they need lots of meaty protein. Fortunately, there’s a growing demographic of young adults who recognize the value of moving towards a plant based diet.

And that’s what this website is about; horse sense and practical advice about lifestyle change and the farming model that embraces lasting lifestyle change.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have forty years of small scale farming experience tempered by a track record of food driven community activism in large cities, rural towns and college campuses.

There’s a lot of great information here, spiced-up with plenty of photos. Note the strong emphasis on spirituality. When farm education is tempered by wisdom, those skill sets are transformational because raising food free from karmic consequence is critical to everyone’s future. We’re not the ‘organic orthodoxy.’ Our business is building a community that recognizes all life—human, plant and animal—as sacred.