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West Virginia University
Extension Service

RE: Grant Proposal

Dear Terry:

I am writing to express my support for your efforts in sustainable agriculture education. During my travels while studying sustainable agriculture, I have visited foundations, research centers, farms, and a variety of other learning centers, none of them doing a better job than you at presenting a living laboratory.

You have done excellent work with your present field. It's general appearance, the community involvement, and the education it offers are all signs of your accomplishment. I look forward to seeing this project grow in size and scope. The proposal brings together many things. The environment is unique in that you are located in a tourist destination. People come to visit and are touched with information. The availability to house guests is indeed, a major incentive. These attributes are unique to your location. Normally, an educational effort does not have this type of environment to work in.

Finally, your efforts are to be commended. Past successes have come from your hard work and commitment. You have an understanding of soil health and plant interaction. Teaching this to others is a very noble cause.

Again, I support you and will be available to aid your efforts where possible.


John L. Miller
Extension Agent, Ohio County
West Virginia University Extension Service


Youth Services System, Inc.
Lincoln Center, 1000 Chapline St.
Wheeling, WV 26003

Dear Mr. Sheldon,

On behalf of all the Youth services System staff who participated in the presentation of your proposed program, my sincere thanks.

The opportunity for engaging significant numbers of high risk/high need youngsters in a compelling endeavor involving so many values is a very exciting project.

The land, planning, growth, production, the rewards of sustained effort, the significance of the product, teamwork -- all come together to form a tremendously rich experience for kids. There are very few opportunities to watch this kid of program potential. And it si particularly realistic in that so may of our kids are fundamentally rural.

Please be assured of the full support of this Agency and its staff. We look forward to ways we can be of assistance to you in getting the funding and support necessary to begin operations at the earliest time possible.

With best wishes,


Ron Mulholland


West Virginia University
Extension Service

To whom it may concern:

I support and heartily endorse Mr. Terry Sheldon's "Lentil soup" SARE proposal. I am looking forward to working with him and his group this growing season and beyond.

The dream so many families share is to enjoy a small-farm lifestyle. It seems that many do accomplish this but at the expense of the bread-winners who have to sacrifice greatly to maintain the income flow necessary to keep a family on the farm. The thrust of the Lentil Soup project to date has gone beyond just another enterprise level to a total farm-total management and marketing mindset where a family can sustain itself and prosper on an din concert with a farm.

This project focus is very broad in one aspect, when one considers the wide range of activities and corps considered, but it really is very narrow in focus when one considers the complex nature of creating an environment where families can work together and sustain themselves raising food. This is important work.

This initiative is being received very well in northern West Virginia. I am also excited about the opportunity for this project to compliment the West Virginia University organize transition grant. There is an opportunity for much collaboration.

Terry Sheldon has a history of being successful and thorough with a wide range of experiences. This project reflects his broad scope of understanding and, really, the intended goal of developing a sustainable profitable family farm unit model and sharing it with the community is a very complex undertaking that will not be solved simply.

Please give this important proposal the close look and consideration it deserves.

Tom McConnell
Associate Professor and PDP Coordinator
West Virginia University


West Virginia University
Extension Service

RE: Grant Proposal

Dear Terry:

I am writing to express my support for your efforts with youths in the area of agriculture education. Having talked with you about your procedures in progress and the involvement of experiential learning in the field f agriculture, I look forward to actively involving the youths I work with in your programs.

The objectives and goals for your program are well defined and measurable outcomes are identified. You have designed this program of sustainable agriculture for community involvement. The human and natural resources are available as are the plan and leadership to assure success. All that is lacking is the financial resources to put the operation into action.

I strongly support your efforts to secure grant support to expand and sustain your programs in agriculture education with community involvement. Sincerely,

Carl A. Townsend
WVU Extension Agent
Youth and Family Programs


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