S.A.N.T.E.E. Farm and Gardens
The Sustainable Agricultural Network for Training and Environmental Education


Hand watering.

Sure beats paying $50/month for gym membership!

We do aerobics, too!

Tending the young plants.

Visiting student from California happy to harvest chard and lettuce.

Indian ladies harvesting spearmint for making chutney
(and toothpaste).

Who are these guys? Professional models wearing indigenous headgear made from Russian mammoth sunflowers?

Katie from Mississippi processing medicinal herbs.

Alien visitors from another universe? Yup.

Helping with potato harvest.

Henry standing guard over the compost demonstration area.

Dean Frankenhauser, retired 30 years US Coast Guard Captain lends a hand.

Mother cow and visiting student getting acquainted.

The big potato harvest of 2002.

Harvesting bitter melon for dehydration.

Swiss chard bonanza picked by visiting high school teacher.

Visiting college students mulching the growing beds.

S.A.N.T.E.E.'s greenhouse and equipment building adjacent to the Garden of 7 Gates.

A shared experience, learning the organic way.

Terry Sheldon, workhorse.

Rainbow frames the cow barn
after a summer storm.