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The Sustainable Agricultural Network for Training and Environmental Education


Double digging, a labor of love.
Dear Donors of our Past and Future,

S.A.N.T.E.E. Farm and Gardens is only three years old and 16.5 acres in size. Although we are a not-for-profit educational organization committed to teaching, our main activity is the noble task of sun-up to sun-down farming and gardening. It's hard work, but what makes the effort worthwhile is the joy of hosting numerous visitors to our display gardens and growing sites. We welcome the opportunity to create a shared learning experience by which tools, training, land and educational seminars are made available to you, our honored guests. In fact, we place more value on nurturing long lasting relationships with our guests than we do on growing vegetables. Why?

It's simple -- because we care about our children and the safety and security of their food supply.

Agriculture is about people and community, not profits earned at the expense of the environment or at the expense of our personal health. Agriculture is about creating a culture of empowerment and interdependence -- so that our children master the skills and see the link between eating and taking responsibility for protecting the web of life they will inherit from us. Children need to know where their food comes from; they need to see how it is grown; they need to walk alongside the people who till the soil and steward the land and animals. But who will show them? Who amongst us has the time? The answer is all of us, pulling together as a team. We need each others gifts.


Karna Sherwood with bitter melon harvest.
Our gift to you is to provide a living link to the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of sustainable agriculture. But in these changing economic times, S.A.N.T.E.E.'s best laid plans--however meritorious, however purely motivated--will lie dormant unless embraced and watered by your financial support--your gift to us.

With your help we will continue to expand our boundaries of activity and influence. A donation of any size during the year 2003 will put you on our mailing list for a once-a- year calendar of events, newsletter and donation invitation.

Our promise to you is that we will never give out your mailing or e-mail address, nor conduct telemarketing, nor pester you with tote bags and key chains. What we will do is conduct our operation as frugally as possible and turn your donation into something valuable to see and something you'll be proud to support. Who knows? Inspired by the scent of karela flowers and the site of deep green foliage, you may even grab a shovel from the garden shed and dig in!


Carrot harvesting in autumn.


We want to stay connected to you throughout the year by e-mail. Our e-mail updates are informal and usually filled with good news and timely information. We welcome responses, ideas and interaction from those of you who make this project possible. If you are interested in any of the following topics, be sure to give us your e-mail address. If you change your mind, we will promptly remove your name.


    --Upcoming fieldtrips and special eventss

    --Reminders of educational seminars and workshops

    --Progress reports on the 'Garden of Sevven Gates'

    --News of S.A.N.T.E.E. Farm Camp for chiildren ages 9 to 15


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