Farm Circle Gatherings

“”cropped-farm-circle-gatherings.jpgEach week, typically on Friday evenings, we gather in New Talavan’s recreational building for a group presentation called Farm Circle. Open to the public, Farm Circles explore the technical and social side of sustainable living.  The presentations are generally short, often complimented by power point graphics and capped off with light refreshments. It’s a great format for meeting your neighbors and rekindling community spirit. You might even learn a thing or two. So far this year we’ve conducted 15 gatherings.

Some of past presentations include:

“Permaculture Basics: Why Perennial Food Production Is The Road to The Future”

“Teaming with Microbes: How to Make Compost Tea The Easy Way”

“Local Defines What Is Local: Food Independence with an Attitude”

Cows Are Cool: Why Cows Are The Foundation Stone for Village Life”