cropped-dsc_01321.jpgExact living arrangements for this year’s agricultural cycle are still being shaped. In the past, male apprentices have happily resided in the dormitories of our old red barn building, while the ladies find domicile in an array of small cottages. Some students prefer camping out in tents. New Talavan’s Community Management Team (CMT) has designated two buildings as permanent male and female student residences. Both structures are being renovated as of this post.cropped-009-2.jpgCongregate vegetarian meals—no meat, fish or eggs—are served at approximately 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. under a shaded pavilion in good weather, or alternatively in the Small Farm Training Center’s office space. Breakfast and lunch are cooked in the Krishna temple kitchen by local New Talavan residents, often with assistance from farm apprentices. Dinner is usually homemade bread, crock pot soup and whatever other goodies are left over from lunch or elsewhere. Long story short. There’s plenty to eat and lots of new tasty delights to try out.cropped-prasadam.jpg

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