What We Expect of Apprentices

In screening applicants for apprentice positions, we appreciate any skills you may bring but the trait we’re most looking for is quality of character. Living amidst an intentional community has its challenges and rewards. A deep respect for private space and the ability to show consideration for the spiritual practices of the  residents is essential. Another important quality is knowing when to take initiative and when to come back for guidance.

While working or residing here, apprentices must honor the following rules:

1) Absolutely no intoxication in any form. This means no alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc.

2) No meat eating, including fish, eggs and foods with ingredients which are slaughter house by products. Milk, cheese and other dairy products are acceptable.

3) No gambling activity.

4) No illicit sexual activity. This includes flirtatious dealings. If you’re looking for a romantic adventure, you’re probably in the wrong place. In this regard, both men and women apprentices are reminded to dress modestly so as not to agitate the minds of others.

Please prepare to wear loose fitting clothes, meaning no leggings or tight form-fitting pants. Loose pants or capris are fine. No shorts or skirts above the knees. While gardening, you are bending and squatting a lot, so if your pants are low cut at the waist, wear a longer shirt to cover your backside. No tank tops, low cut tops or tight T-shirts, but loose T-shirts or blouses are fine.

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