Eight Tenants of Sustainable Development

The Vedic approach to sustainability is time tested. It balances math and music, the heart and the mind, and practicality with transcendence. Let’s explore eight subjects, with the hope of building a bridge between East and West:

1). The Vedas – rethinking scientific dogma with deductive knowledge.

2). Vedic Ecology – ancient strategies and practical wisdom for the 21st century.

3). Cow Protection – the ecological cornerstone for plain living and high thinking.

4). Vegetarian Vows – you are what you eat…and what you don’t eat.

5). Cyclic Time vs Linear Time – the historians and anthropologists are dead wrong.

6). Karmic Law – so you want to raise pigs organically, huh?

7). Myths of Modern Education – shaking off the shackles of soulless empiricism.

8). Food Independence – if someone else is feeding you, you’re a kept animal.

govardhan eco village.JPG
A sustainable ecovillage in India.
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