“I had a great time wwoofing at this farm/community! It was my fifth farm and I was there for about 2 weeks. The people I met were kind, generous, intelligent, funny individuals who loved to sit and chat and share stories. Tapah (Terry) makes you feel comfortable, safe, and heard, and has lots of wisdom and experiences to share. There are continuous opportunities to learn about so many different things and various types of labor to do depending on what you’re interested or skilled in. If you’re looking for a family to feel a part of during your travels then stop at Small Farm! I hope to be back to visit! Thank you Tapah :)” 

ShaynaK – January 2016stars“Small Farm Training Center was my first WWOOF experience and it was wonderful! “Papa Tapah” and Gerald are a treasure trove of information, knowledge, guidance and inspiration. You can’t help but walk away from your experience here a little more peaceful and informed. This is a site where you do have many non-required opportunities to learn about the Hare Krishna practice and Tapah and the community members don’t separate the philosophy behind their organic farm and their spirituality, which is a unique experience and lesson. You will undoubtedly learn a great deal and be moved by these people’s generosity and warmth, and they always made sure you were fed and comfortable!”

emmalina113 – December 2015stars“Working in this farm was my first wwoofing experience, and I had no idea what to expect. But when I met Tapah and Yogindra, I immediately understood that I’m in good hands. The farm is located in a very beautiful and peaceful setting and all the people who live in the territory are so welcoming, friendly and sincere! Apart from the garden, there is a Krishna temple, where everyone is welcome – no matter if you are willing to take part in chanting or just sit and read a book based on Vedic wisdom. I spent nine days in this farm, and I felt really sad when it was time to go home. Tapah tought me a lot new things – not just about gardening, but also about Vedic philosophy and perception of life. He is very wise and a truly inspiring person! I am very happy and thankful that I got a chance to meet him! I’m also very grateful for all the delicious vegetarian/vegan meals which were prepared for us! I will definitely try some of the recipes at home. This was an amazing experience for me, which I will never forget. Thank you so much! Hare Krishna!

leldem – October 2015stars“My girlfriend and I stayed at this farm for over a month earlier this year. We found it an extremely rich and rewarding experience. Once we arrived we were welcomed like we were already part of the family. This is by far one of the most comfortable farms we have ever had the opportunity of visiting. We found it more than hard to leave as this place grew on us almost instantly. Everyone in the community is very kind accepting. I found the head farmer Tapah to be the most well rounded and knowledgeable host out of any farm I have ever volunteered at and I have been to at least a dozen over the years. He has a very deep understanding of horticulture/agriculture, especially regarding the spiritual approach to growing plants. I would go back just to be in his presence! Dale and Kamala”

Dahlay – April 2015stars“Terry Sheldon a.k.a. Tapah is of the best farm hosts I have worked with. I have travel on over 10 WWOOF farms and he was one of the better farm managers. He is very wise in his intentions and is incredibly patient with everyone, personalizing his teaching approach just for you. I learned a lot from Tapah and I know you will too. I look forward to seeing the development of the small farm training center at its new location at new Talavana Mississippi! Hopefully one day I will return to see Tapah and all the wonderful people there. Cheers!”

lucasmallory – January 2015stars“I spent two weeks at New Talavana in January and helped the new farmer Tapah revitalize the the Garden of Seven Gates. Tapah is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, full of great advice, and very accepting of new ideas and techniques. The vegetarian meals are prepared 3 times a day by devotees in the kitchen and there is always plenty to go around. Accommodations can vary from a room with a mattress and a night stand to a plethora of couches to a small cabin. Everyone at the Ashram is incredibly hospitable and friendly. They really do live to serve others! This place is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Hare Krishna spirituality. The devotees are open about Krishna consciousness and only ask that you respect the basic rules of abstaining from meat and intoxicants while at the Ashram. Other than that you are free to be!”

ph823 – January 2015stars“WWOOFers! Picking a farm from all of the choices can be a daunting task. I know I myself sat behind my computer for hours on end trying to find the perfect place for me. With so many options out there, I didn’t know what to choose; but, after reading over the description of the Small Farm Training Center it was an easy decision to make. As a worker I was under the guidance of the farm head, Tapah. Throughout my time there I learned about the planting, growing, tending, and harvesting of: beets, kale, collards, fava beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and chard. What I really loved about the farm was being able to learn not only about organic farming, but also about the effects that we leave on the soil. Tapah is an excellent teacher. I really appreciated the fact that he pointed out wild edible plants; being able to identify them by eye is invaluable to me when foraging in the woods. When I wasn’t working, I took advantage of the extensive farm library with books on medicinal farming which I found very helpful and interesting. Overall, I was able to learn about a culture different from my own, gain understanding in a new area of organic cultivation, and make some amazing new friends. I really cannot wait to return to West Virginia and I highly recommend a visit. There is plenty of work to be done and lots to be learned!”

elnicho – July 2013stars

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