About The Farm

cropped-cropped-dsc_0160.jpgOur farming is small scale by intent. You might say we’re profoundly local. We want our food to be relevant to our neighbors and surrounding towns. The operation currently focuses on organic vegetable production.

We maintain roughly 5 acres of crop production. Direct seeding of row crops is literally a “tough-row-to-hoe” because we take being organic seriously. Not using petroleum based herbicides for weed control yields two results, namely, two topics: integrity and character development.

Only growing what you can maintain keeps you chaste. Learning to use grandpa’s old fashioned hand held cultivation tools is humbling—especially in a sub-tropical region where weed pressure is fierce by mid-March. Much of our operation focuses on starting transplants in a high-tunnel and then plopping those baby veggies into 4′ x 50′ sections of black woven ground cover.cropped-100_085122.jpgFarming in the Deep South is the real deal. January and February can get chilly—we experienced six nights below 32 degrees. But with a little floating row cover, all the January sown direct seeded crops, such as fava beans, spinach, snow peas, swiss chard and beets survived.

And then cometh “the heat,” three months of sultry hot days and nights. Impossible? No. Challenging? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Cows…chicken tractors…festivals…creamy milk…1200 acres to explore…people from different cultures…it’s a movement towards food that nourishes both people and place.

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